Before Nico Carillo vs Jack Kennedy match predictions

Nico, known for his powerful punches, enters the battle, silencing many doubters by knocking out former UK 1 Mo Abdurahman in his last fight in July. Just two months earlier, Abdurrahman had won with a small point over Carrillo’s next rival, Jack Kennedy. Although on paper these results are favorable to Carrillo, it is the experience of a well-educated Kennedy that could be decisive when they meet this weekend.
By now, most people know what to expect when Nico Carrillo gets in the ring. Known for his remarkable strength, four of his last eight victories were knockouts. But we’ve rarely seen Carrillo go the full five rounds, so the question is, can he go five rounds with a rival at Kennedy’s level?

Less known for his power and better known for his technical style of muay-kao (knee and clinch fighter), Kennedy is able to control the course of the battle from close range, eliminating powerful blows with his hands and low blows by Carrillo, and clinching.

The outcome of the match

Nico Carrillo’s knockout power was fully demonstrated when he implemented the clean combination of the straight hook that knocked out Kennedy in the first round.
Earlier today, Nico Carrillo went to social media to express his thoughts on the outcome.
The statement read: “No one in the Green Land of God was going to take away my victory last night. «It did not matter who the rival was, no one took my victory”.